Why everyone should Write/ Blog?

I am a believer of- ” Its all in the Mind”.

And I think the best way to know what others think is by reading what they write. So, here I have tried to list down why I wish everyone would Write!

I have divided them under 2 headings. First, why I want to read your content and then Why writing will benefit you.


Other’s Thoughts:

What is it that keeps other people going? Probably someone else also goes through the same or worse struggles everyday. How do they overcome it?

Were you not afraid of this? What were your thoughts when you you faced this?

Other’s Experiences:

I have no interest in Engineering, but I wonder how Beautiful, or not, life would be at the IITs. I was always in awe of people studying History at DU! I mean, they have Societies for Literature, Music and Drama! (What else does one Want!) And I see stories of people studying at NIDs and NIFDs. Academically, I am happy where I am, but no matter what I do, I cannot experience Life at All these places! But the most I can experience is through Reading your Experiences there.

Now, you may say I can feel it even by talking to these people, but first of all thanks for thinking that I can talk😂, because I can’t. Atleast, not properly and without feeling awkward. Secondly, these people are not necessarily those I have talking terms with- for example that student at DU I mentioned above is my Mom’s student. She told me about her life. Now that girl doesn’t even know me. And I would need a lot of time and strength to go and talk to such stranger about her College life. But the Point is, Why does your Experience have to be limited to your Friends? Why not share it with Everyone- who may or may not know you, but could find your article Useful?

Other’s Learning:

Most of my friends from school are doing amazing things right now. Atleast 4-5 of them are CR/ PR of their respective classes. Some have found their Passion in Art. One of the Shyest boy I know started his You Tube channel! Some friends abroad do jobs and earn themselves! Some are really active with Events occurring in their colleges and take part in Management, Organization, Interviews etc. Some recently started their own small businesses!

Whenever you do these activities, there are many many lessons you learn. I want to know why they started, what did they do to succeed, what did they learn? But almost always when we manage meeting these friends, we just talk about their lives in general- studies, hostels, food, roommates etc. And the conversation doesn’t generally go to these deeper topics. But if they could write about these, I and anyone could read about them!

To know a Person Better:

You could be a National level champion in a sport and I see you everyday in the canteen but never know that about you. Or you have a Complete collection of Books of an Author that I am also a fan of. Bro, you are a Rare Gem! But how am I supposed to know about you?

What to Do?

There are travel bloggers who visit various places throughout the year. Now if I have one week a year for all my Wanderlust, I want to choose a Perfect Destination and make the best Itinerary. Your travel experiences can help me choose. And you can recommend me that Lassi-wale-Chacha who served you the most Heavenly Lassi but is not known to common travellers!

Take advantage of your Expertise:

If you are a successful Businessman, you have all the tips for your Son about how to Crack any deal, how to win trust of Customers, importance of Maintaining Quality and many more lessons that no MBA can teach him. But if your child is Passionate about Science and you being a good parent, support them to pursue it, doesn’t mean your knowledge about Business has to go waste!

There are thousands of budding entrepreneurs out there who Need your Invaluable Advice.

Same way, when you have worked on something your whole life, maybe your Expertise could come useful to people all over the internet.

Inspiration of Inspiration:

If you are someone I look up to, I would really want to know what inspired you! What books do you read? Your Favorite Series? How do you relax? How do you keep going? What are the Principles you live by?


It’s your own content:

One of my Teachers used to say, “Forwarded messages to badha mokle, tame tamaru kai lakho e mokaljo.”

Makes you Immortal:

Even after you die, the Content you created will stay on the internet and even guides Generations to follow! And the Impact it creates will last even longer!

Your Thinking Pattern Changes:

When you once start writing, you see everything as a Possible piece of Content. Your mind starts thinking about things you can blog about- and that feels Amazing!

Improve your Language:

You can play with your style of Writing. A blog serves as a free platform where you can write down anything you want- the fictional characters you created and their adventure’s glories or Personify things around you and tell their Stories!

Helps a Child Express:

As soon as a child learns Sentence formation at school, give them a Habit to write down Anything they want for atleast 10 minutes everyday. This will help them to understand their own thoughts, pen and capture those innocent thoughts, learn to Express their feelings better, gives an opportunity to ponder about the experiences in their life.

Ticket to Yesterday:

When you write a detailed description of an event, you can return to that moment anytime you read it!

Serves as an Escape:

On a noisy train or in a busy mind, instead of just staying lost in your thoughts, if you choose to write them, who knows- You may be the next J. K. Rowling!

Helps get your Thoughts organized:

Seriously, I do not know any other way to function! If I get on to a chain of thoughts, writing it down helps me carry on with the Work at hand. Journaling is becoming increasingly popular to help people stay Organized, Calm and Happy.

Make Money:

This may be the Most Attractive point but Should NOT be the primary point for you to start Blogging.

In India, Successful Professional bloggers earn upto Rs.3- 4 lakh per month– yes, (mostly) just by Writing.

Average bloggers can earn anywhere between $100 to $10000 per month. But that does require some Technical Knowledge. ( I myself haven’t figured out how to earn a single penny, in these 2 years..)

But if you do figure it out, Blogging can act as a great source of Passive Income.


If you are not comfortable with Writing, you may want to make YouTube videos. This does not even need to be in English. In fact, Regional Content is the Future of YouTube. You can also create your Online Course. But for these you need to learn Editing.

If not YouTube, you can also write posts for Instagram. I believe Instagram, and especially Stories is the best medium to know a person. It potentially gives us an insight into their daily life like nothing else.

You can answer people’s questions on Quora. Write insightful Tweets. Write book Reviews on GoodReads. You may even Self Publish your books on apps like Wattpad.

If Typing is too much for you, please write in a diary! Or ask someone else to be the Ekdantaya to your Ved Vyas! Or just record your Audio!

Don’ t Worry:

You do NOT need to be an Expert to start writing. You can just share your learnings with people- wherever in your Journey you might be!

Don’t even worry about the Language and structure much. You will get better at it.

I believe, initially, one must also not worry much about the Technicalities- paid domain names, SEO, keywords, Ad- Sense. No. First focus on what you want to write. #ContentIsKing

But again, I am not an expert at this, and you may do your research.

If you decide to put yourself out there, you Will Definitely regret posting it at some point. There is no post I made that I have never once regretted. But trust me it’s not that bad. No one analyzes your content as much as you do. And all YouTubers I know say this- Your initial few posts are going to be the worst. But you gotta Churn that out as soon as possible to ultimately create Great content. And there are loving people out there. Write. Write without worrying.

Make mistakes and then make Content out of it! Tell about the mistake you made in your next blog!

Well I hope I inspire atleast one person to write, through this post. Did you like reading it? Tell me what you feel!

Share it with someone that you wish starts Writing!

Thank you!


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