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What I think about PHOTOGRAPHY!

Hi and Namaste! Hope you have had a great day till now! This article tells what I think of photography Today andd it may be possible that I change my views about it with time! I write so that I can explain myself better to the world and at the same time I am always interested in what others think about the same thing! Do tell me in the comments below what you thing on the topic! Also I am no good Photographer to comment what photography is! It holds different meaning to different people!

How I began!

I was a person who was never interested in getting clicked! Nor did I enjoy taking pictures of people. Maybe I did not know the power and importance of pictures! But even then my family had this system that whenever someone goes on a tour, we clicked pictures of things we wanted to show to the family members; like the photos of room or some unique things like plants of that area etc. So back then photography was very casual thing with a temporary purpose. Giving any Thought to what you are clicking was never a thing for me; the most thought I would give back then was ‘ Is it worth the space on my memory card’ because smartphones were not so handy and the memory card could not then be emptied until you are back home.

Then on my trip to Dubai, my Dad’sfriends were discussing their photographs and why one photo was a good one and the other not. He told me about how good the Composition was due to the Depth of field and how the other had a Story being conveyed through the Subject’s expressions and how one other Frame had a beautiful array of vibrant colours in it! It was the first time I heard these terms and realized how difficult it is to imagine a frame with a great composition while taking care of the colours and lights and even succeed at clicking it nicely- all in time of just a second! This tremendously increased my respect and interest towards photography!

Being a Beginner

During my holidays, after coming back to India my Mama taught me the basics of photography. Then I watched various videos and quickly realised that the Eye of a photographer can be developed only by clicking more and more pictures. The more number of frames one develops, the more one can learn. Clicking from various angles and trying various compositions are tools to bring out your creativity. I was loving the process. I used to click pictures of normal vegetables in all the different ways I could think of!😅 I think this is the most important part of becoming a photographer!


The feeling of holding a DSLR in the hand and the sound of that shutter clicking is awesomely precious! But for me, right now, my essence of photos lies in composition, framing, the message and sometimes lights and colours. I believe that once one gets mastery over these, they can get a great photograph using any camera. Ofcouse better devices have their own significant beauty ; but then that’s the beauty of the Device and less of the Photographer. This is probably why the ‘Toy Camera Challenge’ became poplar for competition between Photographers.


For any sort of content that you create, it must appeal you first before it appeals your audience. This apparently is the main reason why I haven’t learnt editing yet. Because the Appeal here is not just aesthetic; of course edited pictures are aesthetically very very appealing; but I feel they sometimes are too perfect to be real. At heart I love the pictures that make me realise that it is not a Movie but is a real, actual imperfect beauty! In other words if I feel that I want to be at this place and click a picture in this pose in this dress, then only I would say that I really like that photo, pose and dress! So if one wants to make appealing dresses, the dresses should not be those that are “looking” good on the models but they should be such that girls of all sizes can imagine themselves comfortable wearing them and get the “It’s so me!” vibe; Similarly an appalling picture must be aesthetic as well as Real.

It’s not that I don’t like editing; in fact I will learn it soon and then only my comments on it will be valid.

As a career

With the rise of Social Media, while photography is a field with increasing opportunities, it involves many struggles especially financial ones, for the beginners. For me photography is a hobby that deviates me from any other struggles, so I am happy being amateur at least for now. Once I earn enough through Dentistry, I may then think about photography more seriously. But before that I need to improve a lot at my skills.

(By the way, the picture above is the first picture that I love I clicked!)

It is perfectly said by Henri Carter- Bresson that,

” Photography is to place the head heart and eyes along the same line of sight; it is a Way of Life”


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