Jogini Falls_E-03 Manali Memoir

Hello! In today’s blog, I talk about a visit to a local village in Manali on the way to Jogini waterfall, then my experience with Rock climbing and how Trekking is a different experience from traveling.

The morning started with a Yoga Session admist tall trees! After that we got ready, kept the Camera on charging before Breakfast. Everything else was delicious but the 15-year old me did not like to finish the compulsory portion of Traditional, Manali- special Porridge. (Today, thanks to Rujuta, I understand its value and would probably Devour it!

After getting ready with Raincoat, Sunglasses and water bottle in a small bag, all the participants got ready in line for the trek.

As we started walking, we crossed some beautiful local farms with local varieties of Spinach and Cabbages etc. in them.

A local village:

On the way, we crossed a beautiful village. The people there used the Energy from flowing stream to run the Chakki that grind their Grains! How amazing is that!

Most people of Manali are into Farming and now into Tourism and Handicrafts.

The women there wear a dress called Pattu. These are colorful woven pieces they wrap around their shoulders. You will see a lot of women carrying baskets full of grass or cattle fodder etc. on their backs. Their cows and buffaloes are huge!

That day we had a local group leader-Louis, who was like a real life version of Krishh. He had trekked the Jogini falls atleast 100 times by then and watching him jump from one rock to other was just astonishing! Getting to know such people and talking to them during the small breaks in between the trek is the best part about Trekking!

Jogini fall is named after Godess Jogini whose temple at its base is considered a Shakti Peeth.

Can you see how tiny the humans look in front of nature!

As you walk through the foliage and Finally reach the Fall, the sound of the water gushing down from a huge height has the power to cut you off from everything else in the world. You look at the water wetting the rocks while beautifully creating small Rainbows! It’s a delight to feel the cool air coming from the fall, bringing small droplets of water with it!

After a little photo session, we walked back to the campsite for Lunch.

In the evening, we went for Rock Climbing session. We were divided in 2 batches. Then the instructor showed how to place our feet on the rocks while climbing and Rappelling. While watching, rappelling looked scary but when my turn came, I realized that even climbing was not as easy! But it was amazing. And it felt great after it was done!

Trekker v/s Tourist:

That day, our instructors told us about the difference between a Trekker and a Tourist. Both are different and each has it’s own beauty.

Tourists come here to relax and for vacationing while trekkers come for adventure and to toughen up. We are here to live a life without many luxuries. When you walk all day, you realize how big a luxury a car or even a cycle is.

Trekkers get to know the deep Interiors of a place. Trekking takes you through the small villages and farms where you meet the locals and understand their lifestyle. These Interiors are not even sometimes accessible to normal tourists.

This aunty was very jolly! She talked freely with us and after we clicked pictures with her, she asked me if she can put on my sunglasses and get herself clicked!😃

And once you become a trekker, you develop a kind of dislike for places that are “the main tourist attraction spots” 😅 mainly because of the crowd these places have!

Tourists travel on roads in hired vehicles while you learn to find your path, which rock to step on and which slope to leave.

While most tourists eat out in restaurants, trekking requires you to eat Healthy food that too as hot as possible.

The best part is, trekkers get to stay in Tents, very very close to nature while tourists stay in their 3 or 5 star hotels.

The friends you make and the memories you create with them during each activity is an added advantage!

Live close to nature and your spirit will not be easily broken, for you learn something of Patience and Resilience. You will not grow restless, and you will never feel Lonely. “

– Ruskin Bond

How was this one? Are you ready for shopping and Masti in the Upcoming blog?! See you soon.

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Thank you.


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