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Who brings out the best in you?

How do you like or dislike a person or a song or anything? On what basis do you judge whether you want something or someone to be your friend?

I think a song that brings my mind to its best, calmest state is my favourite; A teacher who brings out the best potential out of a student is the best teacher; A person who brings out the best creative thoughts in you (instead of useless gossips) while talking with you should be your best friend. So when I have to judge people or prioritize them I always give importance to someone who brings out the best in me.

It is not necessary that we would be at our wisest self always. For example, it may happen that when we go to a mall, we may feel tempered to buy a dress that we would hardly wear once and then regret buying it.. But in such situations if we have a friend who can question us that ,”Devina, Where are you going to wear this ?! Do you really need to buy this?” then this can save us from Wasting our money as well as from the Regret.

For myself, I find that someone who brings out the best in me should be my friend. It is generally believed that we behave very careless(” casual”) in front of our friends and so we are not usually at our best when we are with our friends. But to be productive, we should create an environment where we encourage our friends to study or work harder.

Why should peer pressure be a negative thing only? Let’s bring Peer Pressure to a Positive use. If all our friends are studying and working hard, can’t we feel that FOMO?!

Making plans for studies together, challenging each other for its execution, then evaluating what we missed to finish and how to be better the next day and this way successfully finishing our desired syllabus would be so much fun with a friend! If two friends can bring out the best out of each other, there is nothing that can stop them from conquering; isn’t it?

Similarly it is very important to (ourself) be a person who brings out the goodness in others. This can be done by something as simple as a smile. Just smiling to someone can make them feel cared and can encourage them to not give up (or get tired). Or when you like something on Social Media, instead of just sharing it with your friends, do make it a point to appreciate the person who created the video or the meme of Photograph that you liked. Every word of appreciation counts and has immense power to encourage someone to bring out their best creative content. And in all other fields also make people feel good about themselves. This is immensely important to improve the Mental Health of the Society as well as to enrich the Quality of our Human Resource.

So choose someone who brings out the best in you and value and appreciate them and also always be a person who brings out the best in others.

I have done mad repetition of the phrase “Bring out the best” but I Really want to focus on it and I am sorry for the annoyance..

Also this is what I think.. Do tell me if you agree! And please share your thoughts on the topic.. I would love to hear you..


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