Life Lessons from Dental Materials

Since childhood we have been asked to Find the Moral of the story. Our Language teachers especially would tell us the Implied Deeper meanings of the poetries over and above their apparent meaning (and this made me love Languages even more). And then I am a student of Yash Sir๐Ÿ˜…- who would bring up the best of Analogies between Chemistry and Philosophy! So now, I guess, my mind is tuned to think a bit deeper about things and it always amazed me how everything in nature can teach us the way of Life!

Last week while I was reading Dental Materials, I realized that it also teaches us some lessons for life.

  • Noble one Gains:

The more active Metal becomes Anode and gets corroded, while the Cathode is the metal that is more Noble and Gains the metal deposit.

But one important thing to note is that a Cathode cannot do anything alone. It is the Anode that produces the Positive ions and enables the Cathode to gain anything. So, Everyone is Important!

And being Anode or Cathode is a relative thing. With respect to one metal you may be Cathode but tomorrow, in front of some other metal, you may be the Anode! No position is permanent. Always treat others well and learn something from everyone!

  • What is Stress?

In the section about Properties of Dental Material, we read the Definition of Stress which goes: “When a force acts on a body, tending to produce deformation, a resistance is developed within the body to this external force. The internal resistance within the body to this external force is called Stress.”

Maybe an object cannot control the Physical Stress it undergoes, but we Human Beings surely can control the Mental stress that We Produce in our heads against any external situation.

One more thing I noticed here was that such thoughts come only when I am reading subjects like DM which I find quite boring๐Ÿ˜…. Because I do not remember learning something like this from Pathology because it itself hooks me enough to not think of any philosophy๐Ÿ˜‚.

Yes, it is not the right approach, I need to stay Focused. But help me out here. Tell me something you do to Stay Focused. But this does have one advantage. Now, I will never forget the definition of Stress! Connecting new facts with ideas that are already clear in your mind, helps you to Remember things Easily.

Usually, I keep such thoughts to my diary but this time I wondered why not share it! Tell me honestly, did you like this blog or found it Wierd? Tell me you do this too! If you also learnt something from Normal things, do share it with me in the Comments!

In The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Sheldon Cooper shares in his show ‘Fun with Flags’ that “If our friend the Flag has taught me anything, its to Go where the wind takes you. As long as you remain firmly attached to a rigid pole.”

Thank You!


6 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Dental Materials”

  1. Nicely explained…real and true understanding comes when we go deep, it’s becomes adventure (as subject is not soo interesting) and adventure brings transformation. I use to link such thing with some story… Important thing is linking various learning to one…if we see, nature’s principle applies to everything in same way…Happy to read your blogs..keep writing and sharing…

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