Getting Bored? Here’s a List of Activities you could do


How are you doing during this Corona Captivation? I hope you all are taking precautions and Not doing what you aren’t supposed to do.

Let’s be #AlertNotAnxious

Where there are a lot of people feeling bored, and not knowing what to do with their time, I am facing a completely opposite situation. I am feeling like ‘Aisa Vacation na Milega Dobara!’ I want to do everything I like doing, that I do not have time for in my regular life. While I want to Paint and Cook and Write, I feel like this is an excellent opportunity to watch Movies and Series. And between all this I should also not stop studying.. So, I was unable to decide what to do at that time. Since last 3 days I have been doing things randomly, without planning, just according to the mood. But then I end up not doing a lot of things and I feel I wasted that time. So today I sat down and decided to make a schedule 😅. This will help me accomplish more and will ultimately make me more happy.

So firstly I have divided all my tasks into 3 categories.

  1. Must Do
  2. Creative Jobs
  3. Consumption Jobs


  • Sleep Properly:

Sleep is among the most underrated aspects of Immunity. In order for our immune cells (T cells) to kill Virus infected cells, they need to come in direct contact with them. Adhesion molecules like Intergrins promote this contact. But stress molecules like Adrenaline and Noradrenaline decreases the stickiness of integrins. As level of these stress hormones decreases when we are asleep, T cells can bind with infected cells better. A good night’s sleep of 7- 8 hours is very important.

  • Exercise:

Atleast 30 minutes of exercise has amazing health benefits. You can do anything you like from Yoga to dance and Cardio. Time is not an excuse now.


  • Eating Nutritious food:

Feeding your body certain foods may help keep your immune system strong. Citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, almonds, broccoli, bell papers, Tulsi, turmeric, black perrer, Neem, tea, papaya, berries will help you get optimum Vitamins and Minerals while providing your body with Macronutrients like Proteins and Carbohydrates.


Now, let’s move on to a more interesting part..

2. Creative Jobs:

This can include anything from Painting, Writing to Working – anything that makes you feel productive.

Examples of these activities can be:

  • Music:

Learn a musical instrument if possible. Practice a new song. Do your Riyaaz.

  • Cook:

Take this chance to indulge in cooking. Boys and girls, if you have never done it before, learn it. Start with something like Learning to Chop Vegetables.

  • Draw, Paint:

You may wanna decorate your room with your paintings. Explore a new style of art like doodling, Calligraphy, Quilling, Landscapes- anything you like..

  • Make Diaries: Be it Journaling, writing Gratitude, a travel diary, a scrap book or just a report of your day- document your feelings
  • Write:

If you are serious about writing, you should write something for 90 minutes daily. This helps us in learning to express ourselves and helps us in use of good words. But 90 minutes daily may not be easy for all. So we can do it now.

There are many forms of literature in various languages. Like, I want to write atleast one Poem in these days.

Write letters! Write to old friends or Go ahead and E- mail People that inspire you!

  • Learning some other Skills:

When your dad is home, you can learn how to change oil in your car or how to Change the wheels when you get a puncture! Learn to stitch your shirt buttons or learn a new Language!

  • Make Content:

Go ahead and Make that Dance cover that you always wanted to make. Sing that song that you love. You may wanna go a little crazy and make Tik Tok videos if you do! Let go of your Inhibitions and Jo dil bole wo Karona!

  • Getting Organized:

Now is a good time to clean your room, organize your things and declutter. Declutter your Phone. File your Documents.

  • Time with Family:

Just sit and chat or play games like Antakshari, Carrom, Cards..

  • Self Care:

You may want to learn new Hairstyles or nail a Nail Art! Do all your spa activities at home.

3. Consumption Jobs:

There is not much I have to tell you here. This is your best chance to finish reading all the books on your list. Plus you have also been reading blogs like this😄! And then there are Web Series you can Binge Watch and movies you wanna see. Do give me your recommendations for these! Share your #QuarantinePlaylist

Well this is my list of things. What have you been doing? Please tell me how you manage time. Let’s Inspire each other to be our best! Let’s make the best use of the time we have got.

Stay safe! Take Care! Have a good day!

भवतु सब्ब मंगलम 🙏

( A prayer wishing for the goodness of all)


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