Making Friends at College

College Friends!”

If you are an adult reading this, maybe this word made you feel a (happy) Nostalgia! Friendship at college is one of the Most Cherished Friendships of one’s life but also the Most Dreaded Friendships before one comes to College!

When a child leaves his School, Home and City, it is just the Friends who are gonna be his Emotional Support, Mental Support and Family. The feeling of Getting Separated from your School Friends, first of all, is very Saddening. But there we have Social Media at Help. But when it comes to making new Friends at the new place, this is what many students fear.

I am an Introvert and Hesitant Girl. And if I have written this Article, that is if I could make good Friends, you can Definitely make Good and Good number of Friends. Here are some of the things, I think, you should keep in mind, when it comes to New Friendships.

On 1st Day of college, Every one around you is in the Same State of Mind

Don’t Worry. Everyone has to make Friends on the First Day and as it is a new beginning, most of them would be really Excited.. So they would be very Open and Warm. Plus, if you at a Hostel, everyone is going though the same sad emotion of being away from their Family and this could be used as an opportunity to Win their hearts! When someone feels You understand their sad emotions and are supportive, they will really love and value you!

Be Positive

I feel this is very important. Do not be a person who always keeps on Complaining about Everything. Honestly, no one likes a person who is Negative or Complaining..

Also, if you are in a Hostel, take it as a Training Period for life. Maybe every small thing around doesn’t match the level of comfort at your Home but then Complaining about it will not help in any way. Also you will soon realize that these things don’t matter and probably there are Bigger Problems in life. (I know all this is sounding like a Pravachan but I really mean Each and Every Word of this🙃)

Be Open

This is mostly for all the Girls out there. Please be Accepting of everyone. No one is Perfect. There would never be anyone about whom you can Dislike Nothing. But that doesn’t mean you Hate people. Everyone has Accepted you with all your Greys and you too have to accept them, Warmly and Gracefully, with their Flaws.

You Don’t have to be Impressive to be Loved

This is in continuation with the previous point. My own class and friends have been a very good example for this..

If you have any kind of Inhibitions due to your Height or weight or skin colour or socio-economic status or Intelligence; please don’t let these things impact you. Just be your SELF and Be Good to others. No one is here to hate anyone.

Don’t think what People will think and Also Don’t Be Judgmental

I am a person who always thinks ‘Kevu Lagse’ i.e. what will people think about what I do. And then I go through a lot of internal struggle before taking decisions. But there have been Multiple incidences where my friends make me realize that no one really cares about little things and I need to stop overthinking. The point is YOU DO YOU. Just keep doing what feels right.

At the same time when someone is trying to do something, don’t be Judgmental. Criticism is welcome. But it has to be rightly delivered.

Don’t Limit Your Number of Friends

Ya it’s true that one just need a few Close Friends but it’s always good to be friends with more and more people. And I mean Genuine Friendships, always. (Don’t just be fakely sweet..)

Before I came to college last year, my Dad explained me a very important, perspective-widening lesson. He told me that even the Gunda, apparently bad and powerful person, should be one’s friend. That is, when you get into a Problem, you need every type of People in life.

Choose your Company Wisely:

The previous lesson was given by my Dad when I had to begin making new Friends and he wanted to teach me to be open and Positive about everyone. But all through my life, my Parents have always taught me to Choose Friends Wisely.

I have somewhat experienced this.. If you are around a person who keeps Panicking, you also start getting Worried over small things. Same way if you are around a Confident person, chances are you will feel Able and Confident too.
महाजनस्य संसर्गः कस्य नोन्नतिकारकः ।
पद्मपत्रस्थितं वारि धत्ते मुकताफलश्रियम् ॥

That is company of Great people is always beneficial! See how drop of water in a leaf of Lotus appears like a pearl (gains status like a pearl)

Also, its very important to have Friends that can guide you when you are not in your Wisest state. Once when we went shopping, I really liked a quiet Funky Jacket. It was pretty and in that moment I really wanted to buy it. But one of my friends asked me that ‘Where would you wear such a Jacket?’ And I quickly realized that if I would have bought that, I would definitely Regret buying it. I am really Lucky to have such true friends; Friends who equally Value Money and Friends who would not let me do anything Wrong.

What I want to convey is that it is the job of Surrounding Friends or Family to guide Each-Other when they might be getting carried away by Weaknesses or Emotions etc.

Be that friend who plays the role of a mirror without fearing that it might affect your Friendship.

Be Supportive

Whenever a friend is trying take a step towards his/her Dream, make sure you give them a Push so strong that they can overcome the Hesitation that comes with starting anything.

I have friends who know my interests and enthusiastically support me with it. Because they know my love for Photography, they send me Photographs from the net that would amaze and inspire me. Knowing the Foodie me, they share Recipes and pics of Delicious Food items. When I started the Blog,initially I would not publish it on Instagram, out of hesitation. But without my even announcing that a new blog is up, my friends have checked out the website by themselves and read it.. (This means a Lot to me and words can’t do justice to the love that I have received!)

So, be it the 579th attempt of your friend to Follow a Workout Routine or be it the beginning of their StartUp, SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS😄.

Sharing common Interests

When you and your Friend feel passionately for the same topic,the hours of Endless discussions on the topic are Priceless!!


Thanks for reading! It always means a lot if you like and share the blog! Do comment your reviews! Have a good Day!


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