Learnings From Eucrasia

Eucrasia is the Annual Sports Week and Cultural fest of my college. This year I participated in Food Stall, KhoKho, Debate, Dodgeball and Anchoring. All of these taught me the following different lessons:

1.Food Stall

  • You can’t always do everything alone. Understood the importance of a Team and how to delegate work. One’s weakness should be Compensated by other’s strength. I am quiet poor at PR but I have some friends who are excellent at Convincing people and winning hearts. Their Communication Skills helped us attract people not only from our year but from each Class of the College.
  • A team should have people with different skillsets. We had people Passionate about Cooking who were the Head Chefs 😄; the creative ones were involved with tasks like Naming of the dishes and Decorations etc. Some helped with Market research- where can we get best things at best price and some helped at Marketing- what offers can we have to attract the Maximum number of people.
  • At the same time, everyone was ready to do any work– howsoever small or big the task may be.
  • Everyone should be involved in the process of Decision Making. Every small decision should have everyone’s agreement.
  • Each member should be able to raise their Opinions. As in the parts of a Machine, when we work together, some Friction is Certain. When there are many people involved, there will be a Clash of Opinions. Each Opinion has its Value. Understanding what’s best for the Team and overcoming issues with Maturity is real victory.
  • When me and my friends decided to have a Food Stall, selecting the dish for food stall was the most challenging part. We had to choose something that required neither Flame nor Refrigeration. Plus we were all hostelites and did not have the Privilege of having a Kitchen where we could prepare something like Chutney also. But the best part was that this forced us to think of something different. If we would have had the above facilities, we would probably have ended up making something that’s already Popular and easier.
  • Before the Food Stall, we had to make Invitation Cards and Posters for the Name and Menu of the stall. It was good that we were meticulous about each single detail on it and were doing it passionately but in retrospect I think that spending that much Time on deciding something like a Font style, was more of a Waste of Time. So in the process of trying to be Perfect, we should stay conscious that we do not Waste our time on Useless things.

2. Sports:

  • I love the Focus and Energy that I have when I am playing. When I was playing KhoKho, I was not even aware of the Song that was playing on the Loudspeaker in the background. All I was thinking about is where I have to Run now and whom I should chase. I wish I could have this Focus all the time😅!
  • A leader should know what each player is good at. Being able to best utilize everyone’s strength is important. Some maybe good at batting, some at bowling. Someone’s a great batsman while someone is unbeatable at Chasing. Positioning them accordingly is the role of a Leader.
  • In order to have a strong team, you have to choose the Best people from the entire class. Someone somewhere will get hurt. You can’t always please All.
  • When you are in the Audience, avoid using words that are discouraging. The least one can do is to not show one’s anger when the team they are supposed to ‘Support’ doesn’t perform well. Certain anguish is obvious. But expressing it is unnecessary.
  • When the Girls Throwball team of my class lost a match, one of the girls who was watching the match, cheered them up by saying that there was still hope to win at the ‘Best Loosers’ round. A true leader Encourages on the Occasion of Defeat.
  • Life is not always Fair. Do not make it about the end Result. Enjoy the Process.
  • Talking about Fairness, I am still in dilemma. I do not believe in Cheating. But cheating did prove out to be advantageous. When the opponents cheat, shouldn’t we also have the smartness to win even after cheating a little? What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments.
  • Sledging is also a Skill ultimately..

    3. Other Competitions:

  • While participating in Debate and Anchoring, I learned that one should Respect other’s ideas.
  • While preparing the Script for anchoring, we were told to Help others also in writing. If one has a good idea for something that is not in his slot, sharing that idea is not going to cause him any harm. Sharing of ideas will definitely be of great help.
  • Same way one should be open to Accepting Help. That doesn’t make you weak. Irrespective of the Helper being a Senior or a Junior, you should acknowledge the help.
  • (Okay now this is Silly, but it helps) One day a group took a picture in the same pose in which my friends had taken. That other group also Posted the pictures before us😅 and this pissed off some of my friends. Some months ago, such incidents used to piss me off too. But this time I told my friends that ‘We will be called trendsetters if someone follows our trend😎. So do not get disheartened. Also, not everyone is capable of inventing their own Style. We can’t expect them to do anything more than copy.’
  • Before giving the Audition for Anchoring, I was quite afraid about it. Since middle school days, I have always wanted to do Anchoring at such Annual event. But I had never done it before. When having fear, the mind tries to find reasons to make you want to quit. ‘Will I be able to do it?’ ‘What will I wear?’ ‘I don’t even know how the script should be..’ But you must stay by the side of your Stronger brain a little longer. My desire to be on that stage was strong enough to make me want to go for it. Soon after such weak thoughts, there are thoughts like, “What is the worst that can happen?!” Its better an ops than a what if.
  • But the most important thing I learnt is – PARTICIPATE. If you do not take part, you can have some more free time, you may not have to face any of the Fights, but what is you miss out is a Lot of Fun and Learning and also a chance to be in the Class group photo😄.

So, these are some of the lessons I learned. Tell me what lesson you got! If you found this blog worth reading, do share it. Thank you! Have a good day.