Happy Birthday Rolemodel!

Who is she?

This article is my attempt at describing her!

Dutiful Daughter:

She spent a long time of her Childhood staying at her Grandparent’s house in North Karnataka. Her grandfather was a Sanskrit teacher. The values taught by him about Indian Literature and Culture are not only inculcated but also very well passed on by her.

How she taught her grandmother- Kshitakka to read at the age of 62!

Her father was a doctor. So she realized the importance of Good Health very well and that can be seen in her work.

Her mother taught her the lesson of saving some money for “The Rainy Day”. How following that advice helped her fund her Husband to found a company when all the banks denied to give them a loan- is a very important Savings lesson for all youngsters.

Literature Lover:

At the age of 12, she had finished reading all the books in her village library. She would learn Poems and read entire Dictionaries in Kannada.

She had promised her Grandfather that if she had more money than she needed, she would buy books for atleast one library.

Today, through her foundation, she has built and donated books for more than 60 thousand libraries in Karnataka itself!

Sincere Student:

Ms. Kulkarni was always the best at her studies. She decided to become a Software engineer but it turned out that she would have to be the only Girl in the entire Engineering College. Her parents had no problem but the principal kept conditions like- She would compulsorily have to wear a Saree to College daily, she should not talk with the boys and be good at her studies. Plus there was no Toilet in the college! Despite these challenges, she passed all her years at thiscollege with the first rank in every exam.

Excellent Engineer

During her final year of Post graduation at IISc Bangalore (then known as Tata Institute), she saw a job requirement notice from TELCO. It stated that female candidates may not apply. Disturbed by that line, young Ms. Kulkarni wrote a letter directly to “Appro JRD”. Within 10 days, she received telegram to visit TELCO, Pune at company’s expense.

Writing letter to JRD Tata was considered a big deal and the interviewers initially found her rude and were prejudiced. But on the basis of her Technical knowledge, she became the first woman to work on the Shop floor of TELCO.

Bollywood Binger:

In one year of her college life, she watched 365 movies on 365 days of the year! Can you believe this! When she described the impact of Bollywood on not just Indian but the whole world- I too became a true fan of Bollywood.

True Teacher:

Starting from teaching Kannada to an old lady, this talkative girl was truely passionate about Teaching. She used to teach Software Engineering, but her class would never end without her telling a story. She gave her students some significant lessons for life.

Author At par:

Her love for Literature transformed her into a Writer with bestselling books that have been translated into all major Indian Languages. Despite having dictionaries by heart, she believes in the power of Simple language and has touched millions of hearts by her words.

Wise Wife:

She is famously known as the wife of Narayan Murty, the founder of India’s leading Software exporter company. It is lovely to see them as a couple. When required, Narayan Murty took up the responsibility to manage the house while his wife would earn the bread! The way they respect each other, their dreams, their privacy, and sacrifices is #goals for our generation.

Mother to Many:

She taught her children about the Joy of Reading, Joy of Writing and the Joy of Giving from very young age.

You would probably know her son Rohan Murty- who has grown up to be as Excellent as his Parents. While her daughter Akshata Murty was the reason why she started Philanthropic work. And through her social work, she has paid for education and health of lakhs of Children who all call her Amma today.

Phenomenal Philanthropist:

Books would fall short to mention the amount of Philanthropy she has done through her foundation. And the work they do is not just a CSR project. They do it perfectly, in a well organized way and even check after paying that- is the purpose for which they gave Money being fulfilled, is the money they gave sufficient or not etc. She is involved even in the ground level work of the organization. She travels to the ruler interiors of the country via rough or non- existant roads just to help the people there.

Courageous Chairsperson:

As the Chairsperson of the Infosys Foundation, she had many different types of Experiences. She writes about her lessons in her books. Something she knows that the person asking for money is lying, but now she understands why they are behaving so and still Helps them!

Inspiring Indian:

The first time I saw her was at an Award Function. While recieving the award, she laid down completely- on the stage, in front of a huge audience- to offer a Sakshat Dandwat Pranam to the Shri Morari bapu- who handed her the award.

Even getting a job at Infosys is considered a dream by many because of the Salary they offer. Despite being the founder of such a company, her family has lead a very very simple life.

She has stopped drinking milk and gave up Buying new Sarees for herself more than 21 years ago!

My Bhagwad Gita:

Her books have always guided me.

When I joined Dental College, I was told that we had to wear Kurti to college. At that time I had just begun reading her book ‘3 thousand stitches’ and it’s very 1st chapter made me understand why a Professional attire was necessary. She was also once a girl who liked wearing Jeans but with the help of her father she realized how just changing her way of dressing to Sari with a Bindi helped her win the Trust of People.

Dear fellow Millennials, she is not just all this. She is #Feminist #PetLover #Minimalist #Traveller #ShortHairLover and a lot more.

Do I even need to say now that I am talking about Padma Shri Sudha Murty ?!

Wishing Sudha Amma a very Happy Birthday.

Did you like the article? Please tell me because this was the most difficult blog for me to write because I have so much to say about her that I did not know where to start and how to stop!

Have you read any of her books? Which is your Favorite? Do comment below!

Share the blog to inspire someone if you like!

Thank you!


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rolemodel!”

  1. Oh, Padam Shri Smt. Sudha Narayan Murthy’s social work for human beings (orphanges) is remarkable, apart from Chairperson, Engineer, beurocrate, mother she has also acted in one Marathi and one Kannada movie. Very nice writeup.

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