How, What and Why of Speed Listening and Watching

Watch YouTube videos at 2x. Well my entire message through this whole article is just in the first line. So, if you already use the feature of changing the Playback speed while watching different videos, you may not want to read further in this article.

But I myself never used this feature just before last month- when I came to know about it. And I see people around me also are not aware about this. But since the day I have started using this feature, I feel like Why didn’t I know about this before?! So, if you want to read about each and every reason why this simple feature can be Life-changing and how you can use it to get optimum benefits, then read on!

Now, you may be wondering that why the girl that has been an advocate of Slow Eating, Slow Reading and Slow Living is now telling you to do something fast? Well that’s because what we are trying to do is Mindful Living. And a part of that is Questioning and Understanding why we are doing certain things the way we do. Why am I watching this at a Slow Speed? What changes if I increase the Speed? What difference does it make? After realizing the difference we may decide if we want to bring about this small change in the way we consume content.


The Science Behind

People can listen Faster than they can Speak.

The Human Brain has remarkable ability to adjust to changes it senses. Did you know blind people can comprehend audio at 8x the normal!

Start with 1.25x. If that is very comfortable, increase the speed to 1.5x. Take some time to adjust to this speed. Eventually if you feel okay you can increase the speed upto 2x on YouTube. This shall suffice for most people but if you want to amp it up even more, you can use Video Speed Controller which is a Chrome plugin that helps change speeds of Videos across various platforms (even Facebook lives) to 3x,4x or 5x.

Speechify is one of the free apps that convert text to audio and can then increase the speed as you wish. The app also has a feature that tells you to increase your speed a bit after some time when you would probably have adapted to comprehending at the current speed.


First let’s talk about WHAT NOT to watch at increased speed.

When someone makes a video, the Editing software provides them to make changes of even Milliseconds. Each second the audience chooses to spend on your content is valuable and you should be responsible enough to not waste it. But a very important part of Storytelling lies in the speeds and tones they use to create an effect of Suspense or Calmness or whatever the feeling is they want to exhibit. The people who make Movies and Dramas are Professionals who know how to maintain the delicate Balance between creating Effective experience while not boring you by making it too slow. So, it would rather be an insult to their efforts of you watch Dramas, Thrillers, Music videos, Yoga and Meditation videos at speeds other than normal.

What they say is important, how they say it is not important.

For most Podcasts and videos such as Interviews, Educational content and Recipes, tutorials (not that follow-along ones- obv!), Unboxing videos, Daily vlogs, Reactions (actually- why even speed watch, just don’t watch these๐Ÿ˜‚), Gaming videos, Challenges and the likes, you can easily save a lot of time by getting the same value out of it by Speed Listening/Watching as long as you are able to understand what they say.

Why Not Speed Read?

When reading Dialogues written in a book, you must read it in the way they were spoken. Not just the Speed, but the Tone and Emotion should also be replicated. This is when you will feel drawn into the World in the book, feel one with the book. For that to happen, you should read at the speed you speak!

This is one of the reasons. For others, you can read my article about Slow Reading here:



  1. The most obvious reason to watch at 2x is that you can finish a 30 minutes video in just 15. Well, before CoVid-19, when commuting was a major part of our lives, most people just used this time to consume majority of the content they watch. Now wouldn’t it be just great if you could fit in more content in this limited time?!
  2. Attention span of today’s audience is decreasing. In the limited seconds in which you judge weather or not you want to continue watching or not- if you could watch a little more, it might just help you to not miss something actually interesting.
  3. Speaking of Attention, we need to Stay more Focused when we Speed listening as compared to normal. So, this might just help you to increase Focus!
  4. Less Screen Time: You watched everything you wanted but the amount of time your Eyes were exposed to the harmful rays from electronics is actually Half!
  5. Win-win: Less time wasted, Everything Enjoyed.
  6. Feel Less Guilty of watching and hence you may Experiment more with what type of videos you like.
  7. When you speed watch the content that you Do Not Need To Enjoy, you can use the time you saved to get other important work done and still have time for activities you enjoy.
  8. Reduces Time Cost: Um, if you are a person who reads 3 books in one years, these books ought to be super Value adding ones, you can’t afford some time pass Love stories. That’s the time cost of a content. But if your content takes less time of a consumer, that is more Affordable.

Why Not?


It may make you impatient because after lot of Speed Listening, you maky find the normal speed at which people speak to be boring. But the advancement of Technology is already progressing to make us more and more impatient. By using this method, you can then utilize the time you saved to work with some better practices of improving patience such as Meditation, Journaling etc.


Studies say that Faster Music can make the Heart beat faster! Listening to someone may make you a little anxious. So, it may not be advisable for people with Anxiety or susceptible patients. But for normal individuals, it should not be a problem but then its completely your Choice- if you find your Health compromised, definitely enjoy at the Normal Speed!

Special Cases:

Remember the era of ‘Dhimi Gati Na Samachar’? The radio used to play news specially at slower speed so that people of Old age or those with Hearing difficulties or any disability to comprehend can get the news and stay updated. In case of videos too, the platforms offer the facility to decrease the speed upto 0.25x.

You can choose anything- just be Mindful!

Okay, so what do you think about this one?! Was it useful?

Tell me if you try it and what other advantages did it provide you!

My goal was not to oversell it!๐Ÿ˜… But I am too amazed to talk less! Please excuse me if I bored you! But I hope you have a Great day today!


2 thoughts on “How, What and Why of Speed Listening and Watching”

  1. Thanks for Sharing..I was not knowing…Used this feature, it save lot of time and as you rightly mentioned, we give more attention.. it is comfortable…Keep sharing…Best wishes

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