Thank you Doctor!

I remember being fascinated after reading each chapter of Dr. I K Vijdiwala’s books about being a Pediatrician. I remember my mom reading me out stories from Dr. Sharad Thakar’s newspaper columns.

My next door neighbor who was a Surgeon amazed 9-year-old me by showing a video of how they can ‘Staple‘ the insides of the intestines after surgery! Every year in Navratri I would see my other neighbor doctor enjoying Garba in one moment and rushing out for her OB-GYN emergency the next. Be it doctors from Medical dramas like House MD or the Professors who teach me everyday, Doctors have always been my Heroes.
But the work Doctors all over the world have done in the last 2 years needs a much better word then Heroic. (I think we should call other such great acts as Doctoric– if it is even possible to do so!)

If my family is fit and fine today, it is because we got the right treatment at the right time. We shall always be grateful for that.
Happy Doctor’s Day!


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