Its my Best Friend’s Birthday!

I am my best friend.
Doesn’t mean I do not have a best friend. I have a Bestfriend and that’s me myself. Let me explain you the difference.
If I had no Bestfriend, I would not be able to do all the bestfriendy stuff. But I do all of that!
I send myself more than 10 posts in a day form one account to another! What I wear should be liked by myself and that is the only thing that matters. I will ask myself for what caption to insert on my post. I will be the first one to like all my posts. But I will be boldly critical to myself and tell without any shame that I don’t like it. (People without bestfriends, or worse, with toxic ‘bestfriends’ may not have this privilege of honest criticism)
I have a WhatsApp account from my one number to another. That is the 1st pinned chat on my phone. I write all my feelings and ideas and notes and important things here. and I can talk paragraphs and paragraphs full of messages with myself. Never tired.
I know all my secrets.

“You might be meeting your bestfriend in cute cafes but I meet mine in books and dreams”.

Infact anywhere, asleep or awake, eating or brushing, happy or sad- all the time I have my bestfriend by my side.
I motivate myself to put the phone down and study, do yoga or stay disciplined.
I effortfully take out time to be with myself!
When I and my bestfriend talk, we churn out the best of the best ideas!

Too much self obsession for a day right? But my Birthday na today, so itna to chalta hai.. Hai na?

I write poems for and with myself.

Here is the thing- we also fight. Constant conflicts are going on between me and me.
But over the years we have learned to address them I guess. There surely are times where I am very angry at myself. Sometimes I do things that even i don’t like. Sometimes I don’t even want to be by myself. But that’s okay. All best friends fight. And overcoming these fights makes the bond stronger, right?
I love myself. And that allows me to be able to accept and love other people. Because the awesomeness in me recognizes the awesomeness in you. Namaste.

Things are getting borderline crazy hereπŸ˜„. But that’s okay, coz I have my self to love me.

Are you your best friend too? Befriend yourself. Its awesome. External validation will still feel important but internal validation is Precious.

Was this the first blog of mine you read? Thank you for choosing to read up till here! I hope you enjoyed! Trust me I write better blogs!πŸ™ˆ You can check out few of my favorite blog posts here!πŸ‘‡

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Thank you! Have a nice day!


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