Being thrown into Swimming Pool to Learn

Hi! Do you feel that there are somethings that you want to do but you don’ t believe you can do it unless someone challenges you into doing it? In this blog I have shared a few recent incidents where someone Throwing me into the Swimming Pool proved out to be incredibly useful in getting me to swim (ofcourse metaphorically!)

I started learning Flute in January but it was not until April that I played a piece of song on it. I would like to share this incident in detail. When I joined the music class, our teacher taught us the basics on a Paavo and not an actual flute. And then the classes got discontinued in March due to the Lockdown. Now, I had decided to learn playing the flute since Jan. At home I had the time and freedom to make noise (sorry neighbors😅), so I did begin watching a few videos on YouTube about it. But I found it too difficult and kept Procastinating.

In April when it was a close friend’s birthday and the plan was 2020 style- Wishing with a Video! I committed to presenting a small piece on flute in that video.

Now as I had given the word that I will play, I had no other option but to practice. The weak mind that keeps prompting you to quit difficult tasks was now shut and all the thinking had to be directed to learning. Focus shifted from the difficulties. Actually as it was time bound, I had no time to think about the problems. The ego that ‘Devina Desai does not back out’ fueled me. Plus the feeling that I wanted to make it special for my friend- was motivating.

Hence I practiced long hours for days and recorded multiple times- even I can’t believe I had that dedication😂. And what I had run away from for months was actually done. It surely was difficult. Breathing into the flute was much more strenuous than the Paavo. The flute being held horizontally, one cannot see the holes on the flute. And then there is learning of the notes and playing them at proper speed and tune and all.

I should say what I played was not perfect. It was barely resembling the tune😅. (But no one was expecting it to be perfect. All my friends knew I was a beginner. The pressure of perfection should not stop one from taking the first step.) But having presented that small piece gave me that confidence that I can do it. If I keep practicing, one day I will be able to play longer, difficult songs.

Similar Confidence Boost happened in my Driving when my parents forced (for the lack of a better word😅) me to drive all the way from Surat to Navsari on my own. I actually went to driving school 2 years ago but then lost practice. I could drive on easy empty roads but didn’t not have the confidence to drive in traffic. In that one drive to Navsari I drove in traffic, drove at Night, on the Highway- all of which I perceived as difficult. My parents very well know how to get me to doing something😄 and they are actually right. The ride which was feeling like a Torture when I started from my parking, actually Helped me the most.

My mom who is a teacher also wished to get more Technologically well versed. When Corona made distance learning compulsory, she initially faced some difficulties but is now happy that she can not only conduct Zoom lectures, but also take online tests and even check them on her device. She probably wouldn’t even had tried it if this hadn’t been the situation. So, such challenges help us keep learning!

In conclusion, what I want to convey is- A little bit of stress is actually useful. You learn and strengthen through it.

Now of you consider me a friend, give me a challenge! Let’s help each other grow!🌱

I hope reading this helps even 1 person to take on something they find difficult, and eventually accomplish it😁. Do tell me if you found it useful! Like and share with people you wanna watch grow!

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Being thrown into Swimming Pool to Learn”

  1. Nicely articulated..true, even this happens during exams, we are forced to read long hours and we pass through… Keep writing such feelings..best wishes

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