Show Them the Cover, Let them Judge

Similar to my last year’s blog about appreciating people, this blog is about my new year’s resolution. What I have written here is not what I currently believe, but is something I want to.

Have there been incidents when you feel too many eyes watching you, especially on social media, and that stops you from posting more? While there is this craze of more and more followers but with it comes the pressure of pleasing them all. Does this resonate with you? What do you do about it? This blog is me trying to convince myself why that shouldn’t bother me.

Let us start by ‘Let them Judge’ part; we will see ‘Show them the cover’ bit after it.

Not getting influenced by ‘bad people’ is as important as getting inspired by good ones.

Now, the definition of Bad and Good people cannot be absolute here. We can never say and that’s what makes it Life.. But I can put it as- Good people can be those people who make us want to be like them- not because of their achievements, but because of their qualities. And what I consider bad here are those people who are incapable of seeing good in anything. Maybe they seek comfort in complaining or have had traumatic experiences in their past or are blinded by some ego- whatever maybe the reason, that’s not for us to judge. But we must understand that their views are not neutral and hence must be filtered by our thinking too before we accept that as truth.

While critical views matter the most, what qualifies a person as a critic is even more important. I think we should remember what Sheldon says.

I know some people, and also am one of them, who give much more thought to Log kya kahenge. Especially when you have been receiving the benefits of being in good books of people, you fear losing that position and its benefits, even if that means suppressing the expression of your belief. What I want to say here is that a good human wouldn’t judge you for presenting your opinion..

And what I have been often advised is- Don’t think about their part on your own. You do not actually know what they will think.

More importantly, I have learned that people’s opinions change with time. Don’t you agree that there have been numerous times when your judgment about someone turned out to be totally wrong?

While everyone else is busy quoting Taylor Swift, I would like to quote Mostlysane as ” Darling I am a daydream dressed like a nightmare.” If you dismissed me as a nightmare, you will never realize what a dream I am.

Wise ones know not to judge a book by its cover. They know it takes the effort of going deeper and reading the thing actually before being able to present their opinions about it.

Everyone wants to be the Chosen one but no one wants to get Judged. So let go of the fear and present yourself, let the judgment happen. Judgement does not necessarily mean a negative thing. You have to be judged in order to be selected!

If you want to make a Change, you have to Challenge yourself to not fear Initial Judgment.

Jab we Met ki Geet k shoes pehen ke Dekho. People may get annoyed by you. Fine. Not everybody is that Talkative. But every human will eventually talk. You need to have the guts to keep talking if you wanna pull out a person from Depression coz that suicidal man(Aditya) isn’t gonna come and talk to you like Hahaha.

Ending with Michelle Obama’s quote again:

“What you risk losing in order to get other people’s high regard, can feel too costly.”

This one may have seemed as a random listing of various points because it actually is meant to be a reminder for myself when I am considering random people’s opinions.

By writing this blog, I just want to initiate this conversation. What do you think about this? What would you like to add to this list? Please tell me in the comments.

Here is link to the blog I wrote last year about Appreciating the people you love. If you haven’t already, do give it a read:



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