A rough sketch of my 2023!

(While I was still deciding if writing down my resolutions is overrated or is it worth it, I saw some related videos on YouTube and that reminded me of how much I want to do this, despite how it may sound. So, I hope reading this article will do the same for you!)

I like to think of myself as a company that I manage and what I am doing right now is like the AGM! So, we discussed the future goals, what went right, what went wrong and tried to make a plan for the future. So below mentioned are the Minutes of the Meeting!😄

Health Goals:

  • I love doing my Yoga. But I want to reach somewhere with it. This year, I want to be able to do the Scorpion pose.
  • Do more of Pranayam.
  • Incorporate some Cardio.
  • No to packaged foods.
  • Continue good habits regarding Skincare, haircare and Oral hygiene!

Music Goals:

  • Expose myself to new genres of music. Listen to 5 new bands in the entire year. So, please suggest me your favourites!
  • Play one song on flute each month. I still have to figure out how I will do this in my hostel, but let’s see!

Academic Goals: (sorry for the vague reply in this section, but I will share more as soon as I feel comfortable about it)

  • This is a crutial year. My dreams are bigg. I am still figuring out a lot. So, not sure how much I can share now..
  • Believing in myself.
  • Consistency. No slouching!
  • Staying away from distracting thoughts.
  • Make the most out of my internship.

Spiritual Goals:

  • More Meditation!
  • Not to go to bed with a Negative Emotion in mind.
  • Have Positive Wishes and blessings as the First thought, even and especially for people that do not give me good vibes!
  • Letting go of Ego.

Self- love goals:

  • Believe in my goals without any doubt.
  • Forgive myself as easily as I forgive others.
  • Not needing External Validation. This one is particularly difficult for me. But it is very important.
  • Even on the most hectic days, take out time for things that I love. I sucked at this one during my Final Year- but this year I promise myself to not stop Yoga or writing or reading even around exams. I need to remember that these activities recharge me!
  • Be okay with Taking Help. A very recent incidence showed me that when I try to put up a strong face, I sometimes stay sad for a longer time and it just costs me more hours when I cannot be productive. Instead, if I let my guards down and accept help, I may be able to deal with my feelings better.
  • Little less overthinking!

People Goals:

  • Call my Old friends on their Birthdays!
  • While this is the year we prepare for NEET, it is also the last year with these college friends, last year of this hostel life. So, savoring as many moments as I can.
  • Valuing the people who actually care for me and making sure they know they are precious!
  • Talking to my grandparents twice every week. Not taking them for granted!

Reading Goals:

  • 6 books in atleast 3 different genres.
  • I have never read a Hindi book before. Can you suggest me an easy one to begin with?

Social media goals:

  • Post atleast 6 blogs during the whole year.
  • Reduce my time on Instagram. Although it is my favorite app of all times and also helps me a lot, not getting addicted to it is very important too. So I would like to consciously cut down on the time spent there and maybe completely stop it too!

Goals as a Citizen:

  • Choosing Local and Indian products wherever I can.
  • Be mindful to reduce the amount of Disposable items we use.

Ya, these are the things that I want. But last year also showed me that if we work towards it, we can get results better than we could even dream of. So, as Sadguru says, my New Year wishes for you and me are:

What are your goals for the new year? Do suggest me your favorite music bands! Please do comment what you liked about this blog! Hope you have a great day and a Fantastic 2023!💫


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