Developing Dexterity Ep.02

Hello and welcome to the second episode of “Developing Dexterity”. In case you missed reading the first ep., link for it will be at the end of this article. But if I have to summarize the previous episode in one quote, probably it would be

So now let’s start with the types of factors included in dexterity.

  • Hands- eye coordination
  • Visiospatial awareness
  • Strength control
  • Manual strength
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Finger dexterity
  • Improved tactile awareness

Now let’s see what activities we can do to improve each of these skills. Ofcourse this is not an exhaustive list and the activities mentioned here have more advantages than one.

1) Hand eye coordination: While your eyes look at the reflection of the tooth you are working on, your hands are working on the tooth itself. Many surgeries require the surgeon to look through Microscopes and Laproscopes while their hands work on structures that may be thinner than hair. So hand eye coordination is very much needed. Now the way of improving this will sound very much fun- many people say that playing Video games has helped them a lot with this. But it may not be the most advisable method if disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Other ways to improve coordination are practicing drawings or writing using indirect vision. If you can, then Juggling is excellent. Or you can always learn!

2) Visiospatial awareness: Three dimensional understanding and awareness of location of all the anatomical structures is definitely important. Hobbies like 3D Drawing, sketching, Photography, solving puzzles increase spatial awareness. Chess is great for improving spatial memory.

3) Strength control: Understanding of how much pressure to exert on different structures and then being able to apply that with exactness. This can be worked on by a simple activity. Draw curved lines on papers of different thicknesses and textures. Now cut along these lines with scissors and experience the difference in pressure required for each. Other activities for controlled strength which many would have performed in their life are Applying Heena and Frosting on a cake with piping bag. Pottery is also one such rather therapeutic activity.

4) Manual strength: While the previous point was about understanding how much strength is required, this one is talks about how to increase the strength of one’s hands. Squeeze anti-stress ball with full strength. Hold for 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat several times daily.

5) Fine motor coordination: Anything from Cutting and holding your food in a fork or Zipping and Buttoning one’s clothes, involves fine motor coordination. Use tweezers to pick up threads. Hobbies like repairing watches, building circuit boards, making model rockets etc. are very beneficial for such coordination.

6) Finger dexterity: This is the ability to move one’s fingers swiftly and with speed. People who play musical instruments like Piano or flute have very good finger dexterity. Typing on keyboard is also helpful for this. What you can also do is- Place your palms facing down. Lift each finger in sequence. Do this 5 times daily and eventually increase your speed.

Knitting is one activity that not only helps with coordination but also familiarizes you with various knots in surgery.

7) Improved tactile awareness: What we do in 3rd year of BDS to straighten Orthodontic wires is for improving our tactile sensations. Writing on sand with fingers is also said to be of help here.

So, which of these activities have you already been doing? Do you think they have helped you in Dentistry? What other activities do you think can help us with dexterity? Tell me which is the activity you would like to learn now?

Link to previous episode: https://diniwriteup.home.blog/2021/06/01/developing-dexterity-ep-1/

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