Hello! How are you? How have you been? I hope you and your family are all safe and healthy!

Along with this pandemic of Covid19, there is another pandemic of Stress going on. Let’s try to focus on the later one here.

Why is this important? Good feel karne se sab good ho jayega? The answer lies in the famous 3 idiots dialogue:

All is well bolne se sab theek nahi ho jayega

Par use jhelne ki shakti jaroor aa jayegi.

A great Start to your day:

There cannot be One morning routine that works for all. You tailor you own routine. Here I am just trying to share some ideas.

Good morning! Just the feeling of Achievement you get when you get up earlier than usual is motivating! Waking up early is important because it will allow you the time to indulge in the activities you like in the morning.

When you do tasks that you innately do not want to do, tough but you know are good for you, your brain rewards you with Serotonin- a great ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. So, just making your bed after you wake up can boost Serotonin. Probably more on that in a future post about Delayed Gratification.

Look out of your window as you get out of the bed. Appreciate nature around you. Can you hear the birds chirping? Are you lucky enough to witness the Sunrise? Even inside a concrete jungle, do you see that one Tree you are thankful for?

After waking up, as per nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, you should eat soaked Raisins or Almonds or a banana. Then you can have the Kadha your mom asks you to drink! A stimulant like Tea or Coffee should not be the first thing you consume.

Listen to Music that you like while you water your Plants or even while you get ready. It can elevate the mood.

But as in my case, if music doesn’t help with Overthinking, (which may not always be bad, but if you want to unwind) you can engage in listening something like Podcasts or audiobooks.

Please do not start your day with reading the newspaper and social media. Keep it as the last thing you do before you begin your work. Read a book instead.

Before you shower, make sure you exercise– release of Endorphins, again ‘Feel Good’. To make sure I exercise regularly, last year I gave myself a challenge to be able to do Shirsasan before the International Yoga Day. This is not necessary, but definitely helpful. After Yoga or Cardio or Weight training, make sure you do Pranayam– breathing exercises. Focusing on breath and ideally, Meditation will be something your Mind and your body will Thank you for!

Some simple changes:

Instead of having your morning tea or coffee on the dining table, try having it in the balcony or terrace.

Read your morning newspaper while soaking in some Sun.

This doesn’t have to be the most productive routine, Feeling Good at the end is the only goal here.

A great end to your day:

Around dinner, spend some active time with your family. Active as in try not to make it just watching something together- do something where you interact! Anything from cooking together, playing cards, Singing, listening to their favorite songs and stories to applying facepacks (can be really relaxing) or Hair Champis- whatever your time permits. Such activities of bonding stimulate Oxytocin release, which is also a Feel Good hormone/neurotransmitter.

Take a shower. Brush your Teeth at Night. Taking care of one’s self is important.

Decide what you will do when you wake up, on the night before. Because your Limbic system will convince you into sleeping a bit more with: ‘Kya kar lenge uth ke?’ And to combat that your Prefrontal cortex should have a reason to get up! (Limbic and PFC being dil and dimaag in Poets’ language).

There are enough things potentially deteriorating your mental health. Let binging shows at night not be one of them. You may think of this as a coping mechanism, and if it is working for you, then great. But if you find yourself in this loop of stress leading to binging and binging leading to stress, you yourself have to break this chain my friend. Try reading a book instead. Or an audiobook!

Be Grateful for your day. We now realise that even being able to breathe is something to be grateful about! (You may or may not write it as long as you Feel it!)

Sip some water and sleep early to wake up early.

Remember what Arjun in ZNMD said after his Dive, “Actually its (Zindagi) is quite simple yaar. Bas Saans lete raho.

How are you dealing with the situation? Please share your tips below. If you found this useful, do share it with someone who you think needs to Unwind!

Wishing you all good health- physical, mental, social or spiritual. Have a good day!


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