Diwali Snacks and HEALTH

Diwali! The festival of lights! Diwali not only holds a special place Emotionally but has a very significant economy associated to it! People of all religions, ages and areas have their own precious memories of Diwali!

Diwali also has a Health factor associated with it. The festival of Diwali arrives at the time of change of season. As the winters arrives, we start eating foods with more and more fats. Fats are important for staying healthy in winters.


Shakkarpara, Namakpara, Karasev, Kachoris, Ghughra, Chakli, Chewda, Murukku, chorafali, Mathiya, Thebda, Thattai, Masala puri, Fadsi puri, Laddoo, Magas, etc.. As one keeps on just reading the names of these delicacies the desire to have them bursts up!
Indian mothers and grandmothers can make such a good taste that no expert chefs can make! Such incredible is the taste of Indian Snacks!


The taste of same item made in different houses varies so much! All the varieties are still unique and tasty in their own place!
India serves a great variety of grain, a wide range of Spices and the Most diverse options of edible oils! We have Coconut oil, groundnutoil, Mustard oil, Sunflower oil, cotton seed oil etc. belongings to our own land! But still we want to adpot Olive oil crazily. Even more hazardous is the Palm oil which we use as Vegetable oil in most of the Packaged food items that we buy. Instead we MUST do this little effort of making these snacks at home and serving them Hot and Crisp to the family!


Each spice added to these traditional foods have important health benefits. The flours that are used include wheat, maize etc Cereals that are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are especially beneficial in winters.

The oil that is used in making these snacks varies depending on which part of the country it is made in. Mustard oil in North, Groundnut oil in Gujarat and neighbouring states and Coconut oil in South is used to help the body survive in the typical climatic conditions of that place!

The sesame seeds, jeera etc are not just added for taste! Sesame seeds are good source of fiber, they lower cholesterol and are nutritious source of Plant Proteins. Jeera is a rich source of iron, promotes digestion and improves cholestol!


Ask anyone from just one generation previous to us about their favorite memories of Diwali. As they dive into their Happy Memories, I am sure one of them would be Making Diwali Snacks together with their Aunts and cousins. Even today, atleast in our Villages, women gather together and prepare snacks like Mathia, Chorafali and Sweets like Ghari on their own and that too for the Whole Neighborhood! And the most important part is that they would enjoy themselves while making these! And the Love that they put in the Food is divine!

Today we tend to buy readymade packets of these food items or sometimes we don’t even bother eating these special foods! But don’t you think we miss out on all the fun and love while choosing the Preservative-Rich Readymade food over fresh Homemade Food?

Also,the real fun lies in exchanging Diwali Snacks with people of Different parts of India! You get to taste various dishes of their tradition too! And this definitely makes Friendships and Bonds stronger! This is so important for the health of the Society!!


Folding all the ghooghras with the exact same width of each pinch! Making a perfect spiral Chakli which would remain integrated when put in oil, Rounding ladoos into perfect spheres and Making all of this without burning or Wasting any food! Is this not an art! A closer look at these snacks will give you a mesmerizing look of its texture! There is so much art hidden in the kitchen of our Interiors or even the Interiors of our Kitchen! Let’s appreciate this art and relish Indian Food! We have the Richest Food Heritage!

So dear friends(Girls and Boys), if you are reading this you are most probably my age or elder. Trust me you can definitely make atleast one of the traditional snacks on Your Own! This vacation, assist your Mom in making atleast one Snack item! She will definitely be lovingly surprised!

Comment below which item you are excited to make and while you are at it, don’t forget to show me the picture of what you make by tagging me in your stories! I hope you enjoyed the blog!

Wishing you and Your Family a Very Happy Diwali! Enjoy!


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  1. It’s Diwali time and already started eating few of the things. Diwali food has its special place in our life. Thanks for this useful blog. Very nice. Keep it up.

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